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#ChatP4C - Just some of the highlights!

#ChatP4C - an hour of all things Philosophy for Children on twitter started in November 2020, nicely marked by 'World Philosophy Day'. Jane Yates (Philosopher's backpack) and I alongside Joana Rita Sousa from Portugal host the twitter chat in English and Portuguese. Every session includes a special guest. We encourage participants to respond to questions linked to a P4C theme. It has proved to be a very busy and fruitful hour with some wonderful and practical examples of P4C shared by practitioners from around the world. I thought it was timely to share a couple of my favourite ideas gleamed from others (twitter tags shown to acknowledge contributors). You can see the full twitter moments here and information on forthcoming #ChatP4C hours.

#ChatP4C - Theme: Creative Delivery, Jan 2021

I think my favourite lesson is getting students to decide how to represent ‘power’ using chairs!

I like looking at words in other languages that describe things we haven't got a single word for in English.

These are lovely books that Victoria recommended.

#ChatP4C - Theme: Resources for P4C, Jan 2021

I love using comic art for #P4C especially by @grantdraws

#ChatP4C - Theme: Wonderful Words, March 2021

Music is such a wonderful concept to explore. This stimulus generates lots of ‘cognitive wobble’ and forces us to think on one level, what music actually is (and isn’t) but on other levels, about pretension, performance and many other things. Example of stimulus 4'33" by John Cage - John Cage Live at the Barbican - BBC Four Collections

Another way in is to have your group ‘sing’ Happy Birthday silently and afterwards ask them if they have just made music. Works well for young and old alike This idea is referenced to session 'The sound of silence'.

Perhaps see you at the next #ChatP4C !

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