Resources for Parents and Carers

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Philosophy for Children Resources

Resources for Parents

and Carers

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Philosophy for Children

Home Talk - This resource is provided by Dialogue Works who offer support in P4C and Thinking Moves. Little Chatters are also a trainer for Dialogue Works.

Download home talk week one here.

Download home talk week two here. It includes one of my favourites the giving tree (nice to do outside by a tree if you can!) 

Pobble 365 - An image a day to promote discussion and promote literacy work. 

Philosophy Man - Home schooling section, brainsqueezers

Philosophy Foundation - A lovely blog by Pieter Mostert

Philosofun resources coming soon!

Outdoor Learning

Learning Through Landscapes Outdoor Learning and Play for Parents Educating at Home  A Facebook group focused on outdoor learning . Little Chatters are also a trainer for Learning through Landscapes so will be contributing some ideas to this group.

Download week one here

Download week two here

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