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Resources for Parents and Carers

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Philosophy for Children Resources

Resources for Parents

and Carers

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Philosophy for Children

Home Talk - This resource is provided by Dialogue Works who offer support in P4C and Thinking Moves. Little Chatters are also a trainer for Dialogue Works. Here are some of our favourite home talks, linked to themes we enjoy working on.

Home talk week 2 . It includes one of my favourites the giving tree (nice to do outside by a tree if you can!) 

Home talk week 3 here. Includes some lovely 'Would you rathers' and free hugs!

Home talk week 12 - Lovely resources to discuss fairness, inequality and injustice.

Home talk week 13 - Resources to support in exploring our local communities

Home talk week 15 - Beauty. We would also recommend exploring this concept outside.

Home talk week 16 - Some  fun games


Home talk week 17 - With a lovely focus on Inventions - one of our favourites to explore.

Home talk week 19 - Change. Again a great concept to link to the outdoors

Home talk week 20 - Journeys

Home talk week 23 - The black curriculum

Home talk week 27 - Robots

Home talk week 29 - Nature

Home talk week 31 - Conservation

Home talk week 33 - Play.  

Home talk week 34 - Gratitude

Home talk week 35 - Pets. The timing of this home talk linked nicely to our Philosofun on pets. Some great additional resources here!

Pobble 365 - An image a day to promote discussion and promote literacy work. 

Philosophy Man - Home schooling section, brainsqueezers

Philosophy Foundation - A lovely blog by Pieter Mostert

Resources from the Center for Philosophy for Children, Washington exploring concepts such as worry and boredom. Download here.

SAPERE A full database of P4C resources from 

Challenging learning. Some fantastic home learning resources 

KidsCoachApp Kavin Wadhar has developed the KidsCoachApp  based around short questions to get families thinking, talking and feeling together. The app includes a section of questions linked to P4C.


Outdoor Learning

Learning Through Landscapes Outdoor Learning and Play for Parents Educating at Home  A Facebook group focused on outdoor learning . Little Chatters are also a trainer for Learning through Landscapes so  contribute ideas to this group.

Download week one here

Download week two here

Week 3 with lots of Easter linked activities

Week 4 with a focus on green fingers!

Week 5 - Loose parts play

Week 6- Your local area

Week 7 - Survival skills, including; campfire cookery and knots (great also if your little ones are working to any outdoor badges in beavers/cubs)

Week 8 -  A nice bit of maths

Week 9 - Literacy focused

Week 10 - Creative activities

Tree top trumps from Foresty England - download here

Some really lovely resources from Muddy Faces in their Outdoor Activity hub

Forestry England top trumps pg 1.jpg

Global Education

Some lovely home learning activities from Oxfam Education

Cumbria Development Education Centre Including weekly home education resources

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