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FREE P4C Sorting cards!

I have finally merged my most frequently used and favourite Philosophy for Children (P4C) sorting cards. These cards are free to download. Here are a few ways that you could use them.

P4C sorting cards
Download PDF • 103KB

  • Collect items in the outdoor environment and sort on a line from 'most' to 'least' beautiful'.

  • Consider different imaginative scenarios, for example that it could 'rain chocolate' and decide if this would be 'good because' or 'bad because'. (idea by Sara Stanley)

  • Use a line or horseshoe (for example using a rope) and place 'agree' at one end and 'disagree' at the other. Participants can place themselves physically on the line to show a scaled response, for example perhaps they strongly agree or disagree a little bit. This activity can support in exploring other's opinions in an enquiry or in response to pre-prepared statements.

  • Uncover philosophical concepts by sorting a selection of words into 2 two piles - 'big' and 'small' for example 'chocolate' and a 'teddy' would go into the small pile and 'fairness' and 'friend' could go into the big pile. In a similar way questions can be sorted into big and small.

  • Evaluate statements made during an enquiry, or generate some statements linked to concepts to sort into 'fact' or 'opinion' or 'reasonable opinion' to 'unreasonable opinion'.

  • Sorting items into hoops, for example 'Is' a treasure and 'Is not'a treasure when collecting items in the outdoors. A full write up of this particular activity feature in SAPERE's Philosophy Friday resource and can be viewed here.

Symbols can of course be used to used to make the sorting cards more widely accessible - for example the use of a tick and a cross, a happy or sad face, something big and something small. I think it might be one of my next projects to draw together the different cards using symbols that I already use linked to previous work with SEND schools. It would be lovely to see you examples too, so please do send them to

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