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My favourite outdoor activities

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Mud face
Hello! I love a good mud/clay face to brighten a day.

What is you favourite outdoor activity?

I always feel so fortunate to have a job that links to my personal passion of being outdoors. My work has linked me to the outdoors since my first 'proper' job at Coombe Country Park in Coventry as a Teacher Naturalist which drew upon my rather obscure sounding degree 'Recreation and the Countryside' almost 25 year ago. The importance and value of the outdoor environment is always there, but is seems that during these difficult times of COVID-19, many more people are accessing the countryside/outdoors, so I thought it timely to finally get round to writing up what some of my favourite outdoor activities are.

I should add this list wasn't devised on my own, if I was asked what my favourite outdoor activity was, sometimes it might be defined by its inactivity - just sitting in nature, ask me another day and it might be a run! These activity suggestions are targeted at children up to the age of approximately 14. The list came about from feedback from the many children and teachers I have worked with over the years and of course my own children, who it seems are not afraid of telling me what they think.

Of course this list may not include your favourite activities, so it would be great to hear in the comments what they are and which activities you think I have missed!

So what made the list?

Outdoor activities
Favourite Outdoor Activities part 1

Outdoor activities
Favourite Outdoor Activities Part 2


So what next?

Now we know lots are missing!!!! So, it really would be lovely to hear your thoughts! I have targeted this list for children both at home and also in school, but hope to do a curriculum linked outdoor learning sheet very soon. I also have on my list to produce some similar handouts for my Philosophy for Children work, focusing on areas such as:

  • Defining the 4C's of Philosophy for Children (Collaborative, Caring, Critical and Creative)

  • Philosophy for Children in the Outdoors

  • Philosophy for Children games

  • Natural questioning techniques

If there are any areas you would like to see, please do let me know. I wouldn't want to get bored!

In the meantime don't forget to follow me on social media as I do share a lot of ideas and tips on there too.

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